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So, I have been trying really, REALLY hard over the last 10 months or so to get Savannah to sleep well.  I have read enough about baby’s sleep to know that both naps and nighttime sleep are vitally important to their growth and development.  Not enough sleep and they can’t concentrate and learn things, plus I think just physically it can impede growth if they are not getting the restorative sleep they need.

So, yes, sleep is very important to me.  I have been trying to keep a schedule for her for a long many months now too.  From what I understand, routines are ALSO important to babies.  It gives them comfort to know “what comes next” and to be able to count on consistency and routines.  So, I try to make sure the days follow a fairly consistent path from one day to the next.  There are different things that we do sometimes, like trips to get groceries, or appointments that we have.  But I have been trying to make sure we get back home at reasonable times so that we can hit those elusive optimal nap times and to make sure she is fed regularly, etc.

I have to admit, this has all been rather hectic for me.  I’m not sure why it seems like so much work, but it does.  I spend time planning meals and trying to be sure she is getting a good mixture of fruits, veggies, grains, meats, dairy.  And now that I’ve introduced snacks, well, gosh, it takes even longer for my poor sleep deprived brain to figure out what to do each day (yes, I ensure my daughter gets her sleep, but me, on the other hand, I am the all night breastaurant still nursing her every 1, 2 or 3 hours when she wakes briefly so that it is, indeed, brief and we can go back to sleep and not stay up for 2 HOURS).

Should I do peas for lunch?  Dinner?  Have I given her something green?  Yellow or orange?  A fruit?  A veg?  What grain did I give earlier?  OK, maybe I should do this.  How about some dairy.  Oh crap.  What meat am I going to make or use?  Hmmmm.  How long will it take me to cook some pasta and add frozen beef puree so that she gets a meat in?

I swear, it is a full-time job for me right now.

I wonder to myself often how other Moms do this and make it look so darned easy?!?!  Seriously!

I am sure that my sleep deprivation is not helping either as I KNOW I have had “attitude” with the dog and the cat when they meow or bark and wake the baby.  Then I’m seriously NOT happy with them.  One day I was certain I was shipping the cat off to the SPCA I was so frustrated with him… hopping into the crib, meowing to get out of the crib, hopping onto the bed, meowing and pawing at me.  GO. AWAY. NOW. CAT. IF. YOU. VALUE. YOUR. LIFE.

Oh, yes.  And let’s not forget my poor hubby.  Sleeping in the basement as it were.  Because, yes, I am the bad Mom who still co-sleeps with her daughter at 10 months of age.  I just can’t bear night wakings that require me to physically get OUT of bed, so I do what is the path of least resistance.  And, what has felt right for many months as well.  To be there physically to comfort my baby girl.  To build that connection.  To “Attachment Parent” if you will.

But the time has come where I really am starting to think it is in everyone’s best interest for us all to get better sleep.  I need to sleep in order to function at a higher level.  My daughter needs to learn how to go to sleep without requiring nursing to do it (it has to happen sometime, although I am glad to say that I have given her this comfort for this long).  My hubby needs to come back upstairs (besides which, when he is back upstairs and Savannah is sleeping in her crib by herself, when she wakes early on weekends I might actually *gasp* get a day to sleep in and Daddy can get up with the baby… God I can dream about it… if I could only sleep…).

Anyway, so I have gone ahead and contacted a sleep consultant.  It occurs to me that my foggy brain is no longer competent to sift through the rubble and books and make a good plan for us.  So we have help on the way.  A person who has helped other Mommies and Daddies I know.  She comes highly recommended.  And so I am putting my trust in her to help me “sleep train” (choo choo) my daughter.  I am SO nervous about the crying part.  I never ever wanted to resort to CIO.  It truly is, for me, a last resort.  But I am trying to remember that I have given her a really good start with 10 months of cuddles.  And I will make it up to her with as many daytime snuggles as she needs.  But at some point, I am realizing she also will need to learn the hard lesson that Mommy can’t always say “yes” to all her demands.  That sometimes, when something is better for her, I will have to say “No” much as it may pain me (and her).

So, I will continue to be “working on the railroad” with my daily routines and schedules and meal planning.  That part of this choo choo train will keep on turning.  But hopefully, in the not so near future, at least the sleep train will involve ZzzZzzzz’s for all.  And when it does (crossing fingers and toes), I am going to join my Belly Buddy (oops… she reminded me, we aren’t pregnant Belly Buddies any more, so I am going to have to start referring to her as “little mama g”) my friend little mama g in a Slumber Party!

Sweet Dreams!



So Movember is upon us.  The Month of the Mustache (or Mo).

Now I don’t have a mustache (yet).  Nor the capacity to grow one (yet).  And I don’t have a prostate either.  But I DO have men in my life.  Fabulous men.  A husband.  A father.  A grandpa.  Brothers.  Friends.  And I want to raise awareness of men’s health issues.  I know that most women I know will make a yearly appointment and go and get their pap smear done.  They will also be the ones who will prompt and prod the men in their lives to go out and get an annual physical as well.

How often will a man ignore a lump, growth or otherwise annoying health issue simply because he doesn’t want to be bothered with going to see the doctor?  Unfortunately, too often I suspect.

So if there is a man in your life that you love, get him thinking about his health today.  Get him to make an appointment to get his prostate checked.  It is important.  Let’s help keep the men in our lives healthy.

To get involved in Movember, you can check out their website.  In Canada it is ca.movember.com

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can feel free to support me and follow my journey as a “Mo Sista” and see my many Mo’s this month at this site:


Let’s show the men in our lives some love this month and change the face of men’s health.

Finding Time

Before I was a Mom, I don’t remember having to “find time”.  I know there were some times when I was busy, but I don’t remember ever being so busy I couldn’t find time to do things.  Like put on makeup.  Like having a shower.  Like brushing my teeth.  And using the bathroom.

My priorities these days have shifted rather drastically.  I am chasing time all over the place looking for it.

I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy regularly on Thursdays (when there were new episodes).  Now I try and squeeze in watching it online during Baby Bean (Ba-Bean)’s nap time.

I used to get my hair cut and colored quite frequently (almost every month it seemed).  Now, I am lucky if I get my hair cut once every 5 months.

I used to shower every day.  Now, I have a bath every day with Ba-Bean but the showering has to wait until Daddy is around to help out with the Bean.  It is sad.  I definitely look forward to the day she is big enough (and/or has longer and consistent naps) when I can shower regularly again.

This weekend we did a little photo shoot with Ba-Bean in her Halloween costume.  So cute.  And I showered.  And put on makeup.  And blow dried my hair.  I had on mascara, people!  And lipstick!  And blush!  Oh my!  For once, a yummy Mommy emerged (or so I imagine in my dreams).  It was kind of delightful.  Except for hubby who had to take care of Ba-Bean while I primped for an hour.  🙂

I know these days will go by too quickly and I will miss them if I focus on the things I can’t do right now.  Because some day not so soon there will be things I can’t do that I CAN do now.  Like nap with Ba-Bean.  And cuddle with her in my lap.  And lift her in the air and say “Oooopsie” and watch her giggle.  And hold her hands while she takes tentative steps.

Who knows.  Perhaps some day I will even miss changing diapers as it is time when I can kiss her little belly.  And it is the time I come closest to truly knowing what wrestling an octopus would feel like.  😉

Nap time is that rare time that I often have to myself.  But what to do with that precious time?  Some days it is email.  Or clean-up.  Or Facebook.  Or reading a book.  Surfing the web.  Making food.  Eating food.  Using the washroom.  Or blogging.  It has been awhile.  But I am here for a few minutes again today with my little update.

At last I have found a little time for this today.  Tomorrow who knows.  I have a new magazine to read, after all…

So I am a big fanatic of the “To Do List”. Again, it most likely has to do with the fact that I love writing. Even something as simple as writing down things I need to get done (and know that I will forget what they are if I don’t write them down). But I have found, over the years, that the To Do List is a never-ending process. Just when you think you are getting ahead and whittling some good ones off the list, more crop up and the list grows yet again.

I suppose part of the problem is that life goes on. It doesn’t stop for me to finish the list. So every day there are chores to be done that I can’t just do once and strike them off and be done with it. The most simple and mundane things (hello – making dinner? buying groceries?) will always be on the list. Yet I still write them down. Groceries because I won’t remember 10 minutes from now that I used the last piece of bread. But also because I like the satisfaction of crossing it off the list when I do it later.

I know it may seem kind of pathetic, but if I don’t write down the mundane stuff, I sometimes wonder just how often I will ever get to cross off the other stuff?

This week has been good for the To Do List though. In the last 2 days I took my daughter out and got her weight and height measured so that I’ll have a record of where she was at at 9 months of age. Hooray! I was so pleased. Then today I went to Service Canada and got my name changed for my SIN card. Now I will officially have my husband’s last name as far as the Government of Canada is concerned.

I must say that the whole name change process is a never-ending task in and of itself it seems. I started with my Driver’s License. No biggie. Then my bank. The teller did it incorrectly but luckily I have a “financial guy” (he’s so awesome) and he sent me all the required forms to fix it. I thought it seemed a little too easy the first time I tried!! 🙂 Anyway, then I had to change my VISA as my ID wouldn’t match the name on my VISA (different bank). These were the big ticket items. Oddly enough, did you know you can simply phone Revenue Canada to get your name changed there? Weird! But it got done too. Then came the BC MSP health care card. The home insurance. Hotmail account. Facebook account. Paypal account. Utilities. Car loan. The list goes on and I find new things each day lately.

I changed my name at work, but not for my professional designation. Not sure what to do about the latter one. Also, in the future for job hunting I am not sure what I will do as everyone I have worked with has known me by my prior surname from birth. It is a bit of a quandary. I suppose people who get married (and stay married – LOL) young and change their names may not encounter this issue, but for me, changing my name for business purposes is a bit tricky. I even read an article that said that women who take their husband’s last name are viewed as being more empathetic and caring, but less dedicated to their careers. Not sure what is up with THAT.

However, I am changing my name so that my daughter and my husband and I all have the same last name. That is how it has been in my family growing up, and I like the idea of us being a family through name.

It was not easy giving up my prior last name however. It was mine from birth to 39 years of age. I’m kind of attached to it. I’m pretty sure my Dad liked me having it too. But I have my own new family and it is time for us to bond. Luckily, my hubby’s last name starts with the same letter (no change to my initials!) and is simple enough that a new signature came quickly.

Now on to make dinner so I can cross something else off the list…

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