Just testing the blog waters right now looking for a creative outlet for sharing my life in fast forward. Being a new wife and a new Mom means just when I think I have it all figured out, I get thrown a curve ball by my little girl (or my hubby). On the other hand, just when I think I am at my sanity’s breaking point due to sleep deprivation, my baby will throw me a proverbial bone (or hubby will swoop in and give me some reprieve). My life is changing so fast these days and I’m finding out new things about myself all the time. The internet has been a life-saver for researching all things baby-related and given me new labels for myself every day (how else would I know I had become an Attachment-Parenting-Baby-Wearing-Cloth-Diapering-Baby-Led-Weaning-Co-Sleeping-Lactivist anyway?). Hope you enjoy reading all about it!