So I read a great little blog post about gifts moms really want for Christmas and thought… gee… I should make a list like this. I loved it. A lot of the items would be on my list too, with a few additions…the first 5 are shamelessly pilfered from the above-mentioned post. But I want them like there is no tomorrow!

1. A self-cleaning floor. The dog gets most of the food, but I’d love it if the floor could just sweep itself. 🙂
2. A self-cleaning bathroom. A friend so aptly pointed out that even if we had a maid, the house would be a mess not long after the maid had so nicely cleaned it up. So yeah, not to have to clean the toilet and two kids’ potties would be all kinds of awesome.
3. Peace… between siblings. Yes, I want that too! So much!
4. Hairless legs. Oh yes, please!
5. Those 5 minutes alone. And five minutes of silence…without something dastardly happening during those 5 golden minutes. Forget 5 more minutes of sleep. I need at least 5 hours more sleep to make up for almost 5 years of sleepless nights.
6. A weekend away. Alone. So that hubby realizes just what it is REALLY like to be with the kids 24/7 x 2. I have a feeling I’d be truly appreciated upon my return by all the members of my family. 😉
7. A bed to myself. All night long.
8. A day to just lie in bed when I’m sick and not have to cater to the other sick residents of my home.
9. Mama’s night out with the girls. OK, so I don’t have many girlfriends around any more. But I miss them. I do.
10. A day without whining (myself included). A day when if I ask someone to do something, they just do it because it is the right thing to do instead of ignoring me unless they need something from me. Le sigh.

And next post… I am going to try and think of the things I’m grateful for. Because I need a reminder. This endless rain and the family sickies has really given me the blues bigtime. So it is time for some cheer and goodwill towards men (and children, and furry family members).