So Movember is upon us.  The Month of the Mustache (or Mo).

Now I don’t have a mustache (yet).  Nor the capacity to grow one (yet).  And I don’t have a prostate either.  But I DO have men in my life.  Fabulous men.  A husband.  A father.  A grandpa.  Brothers.  Friends.  And I want to raise awareness of men’s health issues.  I know that most women I know will make a yearly appointment and go and get their pap smear done.  They will also be the ones who will prompt and prod the men in their lives to go out and get an annual physical as well.

How often will a man ignore a lump, growth or otherwise annoying health issue simply because he doesn’t want to be bothered with going to see the doctor?  Unfortunately, too often I suspect.

So if there is a man in your life that you love, get him thinking about his health today.  Get him to make an appointment to get his prostate checked.  It is important.  Let’s help keep the men in our lives healthy.

To get involved in Movember, you can check out their website.  In Canada it is

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can feel free to support me and follow my journey as a “Mo Sista” and see my many Mo’s this month at this site:

Let’s show the men in our lives some love this month and change the face of men’s health.