Before I was a Mom, I don’t remember having to “find time”.  I know there were some times when I was busy, but I don’t remember ever being so busy I couldn’t find time to do things.  Like put on makeup.  Like having a shower.  Like brushing my teeth.  And using the bathroom.

My priorities these days have shifted rather drastically.  I am chasing time all over the place looking for it.

I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy regularly on Thursdays (when there were new episodes).  Now I try and squeeze in watching it online during Baby Bean (Ba-Bean)’s nap time.

I used to get my hair cut and colored quite frequently (almost every month it seemed).  Now, I am lucky if I get my hair cut once every 5 months.

I used to shower every day.  Now, I have a bath every day with Ba-Bean but the showering has to wait until Daddy is around to help out with the Bean.  It is sad.  I definitely look forward to the day she is big enough (and/or has longer and consistent naps) when I can shower regularly again.

This weekend we did a little photo shoot with Ba-Bean in her Halloween costume.  So cute.  And I showered.  And put on makeup.  And blow dried my hair.  I had on mascara, people!  And lipstick!  And blush!  Oh my!  For once, a yummy Mommy emerged (or so I imagine in my dreams).  It was kind of delightful.  Except for hubby who had to take care of Ba-Bean while I primped for an hour.  🙂

I know these days will go by too quickly and I will miss them if I focus on the things I can’t do right now.  Because some day not so soon there will be things I can’t do that I CAN do now.  Like nap with Ba-Bean.  And cuddle with her in my lap.  And lift her in the air and say “Oooopsie” and watch her giggle.  And hold her hands while she takes tentative steps.

Who knows.  Perhaps some day I will even miss changing diapers as it is time when I can kiss her little belly.  And it is the time I come closest to truly knowing what wrestling an octopus would feel like.  😉

Nap time is that rare time that I often have to myself.  But what to do with that precious time?  Some days it is email.  Or clean-up.  Or Facebook.  Or reading a book.  Surfing the web.  Making food.  Eating food.  Using the washroom.  Or blogging.  It has been awhile.  But I am here for a few minutes again today with my little update.

At last I have found a little time for this today.  Tomorrow who knows.  I have a new magazine to read, after all…